”IT åt sjöfarare och sjöfart åt IT:are.”

MAST! -Institute strengthens the cooperation between ÅA and Novia by launching a campaign to encourage Åbo Akademi IT students to study maritime courses in Novia and for Novia maritime students to study IT courses in ÅA. Ongoing maritime digitalization requires interdisciplinary knowledge of seafaring and technology. Digitalization will affect to the operations everywhere from dock to offshore.

In addition of sharing information about individual courses, the campaign aims also to familiarize the students about the degrees of the other university. Having bachelor degrees from both fields is an excellent combination in working life. Likewise having a bachelor degree from other university and a master degree from other university enables lot of potential.

Campaign is executed by targeted email advertisements for students in both universities in beginning of semesters in 2021 and 2022, and also putting posters (copy above) in both campuses.

Increasing the local educational cooperation is also part of the Technology Campus Turku strategy to improve the competitiveness of companies in Southwest Finland. teknologiakampus.turkubusinessregion.com/en/

*Finnish universities have flexible study right agreement JOO -which enables applying for courses from other Finnish universities.