The competence of the MAST! Institute is built on the combined expertise of Novia´s Maritime
Academy, Aboa Mare and the Software Technology Research Lab at Åbo Akademi University.

Maritime Simulations

Novia´s Maritime Academy, Aboa Mare, has been a forerunner in maritime simulation in Finland since 1980s. Our state of the art simulators are upgraded on a regular basis to meet the future challenges. Aboa Mare simulators can be used in maritime training, R&D activities and in various testing and product development of our industry partners. The simulation center has ten full-bridge simulators equipped with real navigational systems. An interface between bridges and simulation software makes it possible to connect any kind of navigational or other instrument to the simulator for testing and developing purposes.

Software Technology

The Software Technology Lab at Åbo Akademi University has over 20 years of experience in engineering software intensive systems. We do research and development in close cooperation with the industry in foundations and applications and provide academic education and industry training. Our core competences cover the whole software stack from IoT technologies, to cloud computing. In cooperation with our extensive set of industrial partners, we have developed techniques for optimizing the performance of our customers system beyond state-of-the-art, as well as improving the software construction process itself.

Maritime Operations

Shipping operations and marine technology are our core maritime competences. We have a staff of 30 experts specialized in navigation, maritime safety, maritime legislation, winter navigation, environmental friendly shipping, ship machinery and equipment, autonomous vessels, port operations etc. We also have a global stakeholder network to help you to find the connections you need for your R&D activities. Combining maritime expertise to ICT knowledge already in the early stages of the development process ensures that the final product meets user’s requirements.

Autonomous Safety-Critical Systems

We have more than 200 of person/years of effort in model-based software engineering of safety-critical systems. The Software Technology Research lab is in a unique position to provide solutions to the needs of the autonomous shipping industry. The techniques that we apply in industrial settings include traditional model-based software engineering approaches like UML, SysML, Simulink and model-based testing as well as more advanced techniques like formal methods and model-checking. We cooperate extensively with European networks and have applied our methods in such areas as digital hydraulics, telecommunication networks, and satellite systems.


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